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This is Rencom Network 

Empowering Holder with Annual Rewards

Step into the groundbreaking realm of Rencom Network. Our platform, fueled by blockchain technology, goes beyond mere tokens; it's a domain of empowerment and significant rewards. Delve into a diverse range of opportunities extending beyond conventional properties—embracing residential and commercial spaces, as well as everyday items such as bicycles and construction equipment. At Rencom Network, ownership takes on a dynamic twist, facilitating smooth asset utilization and delivering gratifying outcomes.


Rewards Remaing

Remaining 50 / 50 Million                           100%

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Why Rencom Network ?


What is Rencom

Rencom Network, a registered and trademarked entity in Canada with a global reach, is revolutionizing the rental landscape. We're paving the way for a seamless rental experience where your RNT tokens open the door to a diverse array of rental assets – from homes to vehicles, motorcycles, and even construction tools.


The brilliance of Rencom Network lies in its dual functionality. Not only can you effortlessly utilize RNT tokens for your rentals, but you're also embarking on a journey of financial growth. Picture this: by having your rental funds ready in advance, you're not just meeting obligations; you're seizing an opportunity to earn interest. Imagine earning an annual reward of 10% on your held funds, generating nearly $2000 from an average monthly rent of $1700 – all while engaging in your regular rental transactions.


Rencom Network goes beyond the ordinary, allowing for compounded rewards that grow exponentially over time. As your RNT token holdings accumulate, so do your rewards, turning the everyday act of paying rent into a prosperous venture. With our unwavering commitment to transparent tokenomics and global expansion, Rencom Network stands as a beacon of empowerment, reshaping the rental landscape one transaction at a time.



Rencom Network Token has it’s liquidity presence on PancakeSwap and Uniswap, where it is seamlessly paired against Binance Coin (BNB). This strategic integration empowers token holders with direct access to a highly liquid trading pair, facilitating efficient and secure transactions 



Rencom Network Token has it’s official contract verification on BscScan, a trusted and widely recognized blockchain explorer for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Active Development

We’re pioneering a frictionless rental journey, where your RNT tokens serve as the key to unlocking an expansive range of rental assets, spanning from residences and vehicles to motorcycles. With our sights set on trademarking in 130 countries, our commitment knows no bounds.


We can see the token distribution of the RNT down below. You can check out the whitepaper here.


Name: Rencom Network


Symbol: RNT


Total Supply: 100 Million


Decimals: 18


CA: 0x974e9f2075B8Cc77A54F8b439042f242DF353990

Our Roadmap

Embarking on a transformative journey, Rencom Network’s roadmap serves as a guiding light towards a future brimming with innovation and possibilities. Our meticulously crafted roadmap outlines a path that intertwines strategic milestones with unwavering commitment, leading us to the forefront of blockchain advancement. With each phase, we are dedicated to unveiling groundbreaking features, expanding our ecosystem, and enriching user experiences. 

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